Verlinkte Inhaltsübersicht von Essex (Feuillet) 1710

Bibliographische Angabe:

Feuillet, Raoul-Auger (Iohn Essex), For the furthur improvement of dancing, A treatis of chorography, or, Ye art of dancing country dances after a new character : in which the figures, steps & manner of performing are describ'd & ye rules demonstrated in an easie method adapted to the meanest capacity / translated from the French of Monsr Feuillet, and improv'd wth. many additions, all fairly engrav'd on copperplates, and a new collection of country dances describ'd in ye same character by Iohn Essex, dancing master. (London : Sold by I. Walsh & P. Randall ... I. Hare ... I. Culen ... & by ye author ..., 1710)
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